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7 Best Sites to Find Gig Jobs in 2022

Best freelancing platforms

Are you looking for a way to earn extra cash? If yes, then check out these 7 sites to find gig jobs in 2022.

There has never been a better time to start earning side income by working from home. The job market is booming, and companies are constantly hiring freelancers because they prefer to hire remote workers over employees. This means that almost anyone can find a job today.

Working remotely isn’t always easier than being at an office. That’s why you should take the time to prepare properly before jumping into freelance gigs. Here are some things to consider before starting your next gig.

7 Best Sites to Find Gig Jobs


Upwork is a website where freelancers post their services and businesses hire them. Freelance jobs are posted daily and clients may bid on projects starting at $10. Upwork takes approximately 20% of each project fee as a commission. Upwork was founded in 2010 and is based in San Francisco, California.


Fiverr is a website where people offer freelance services as gigs. If you want to provide any kind of service on Fiverr then register yourself with this platform and start creating gigs and mentioned your price for that gigs. If anyone wants your service then they will contact you via your gigs. Services range anywhere between $5 and $500. In exchange for payment, they provide a service. Fiverr was founded in early 2010 and is based in New York, New York.


PeoplePerHour is a website that connects businesses with individuals who want to work remotely. A business posts a job opportunity that includes tasks, deliverables, and a deadline. Individuals submit bids to complete those tasks. After completing a task, the individual submits a review rating out of five stars. If the ratings are positive, the person receives payment. Companies may pay per task, per hour, or both. PeoplePerHour was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Mateo, California.


Guru is a website that helps small businesses find virtual assistants. On the website, businesses post positions that require administrative support. Virtual Assistants apply and are interviewed over video chat. After the interview, the business selects which assistant best fits their needs. The company pays a flat rate and provides training. Guru was founded in 2012 and is based in Los Angeles, California.


Zirtual is a website that connects independent contractors with companies that need help running their businesses. Independent contractors sign up to become remote employees and get paid weekly via Venmo. Clients list their requirements and choose from various employees. Zirtual does not charge its employees any fees nor do they take a cut of their earnings. Zirtual was founded in 2014 and is based in Austin, Texas.

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is a website that connects freelancers with service-seeking industries or people. Companies describe what type of talent they need through their platform (e.g., Copywriting, Coding, Social media marketing, Virtual Assisting) and how much they are willing to pay. Freelancers create profiles listing their experience and rates. Companies may contact a freelancers directly if they have questions about the freelancing position. After completing a job or task, both parties receive feedback. Hubstaff Talent was founded in 2012 and is based in Fishers, Indiana.


TaskRabbit is a website that connects customers with people willing to perform tasks. Tasks can include cleaning, moving, cooking, crafting, and gardening. Customers post tasks and select a provider. Providers accept the task and then complete it. Payment is made after completion. TaskRabbit was founded in 2008 and is based in San Franciso, California.


if you are looking to start freelance gigs and don’t know where to start things then I have listed the 7 best websites to get started above. You can create your profile on these platforms and start applying for gigs.

You may also have heard the name of some platforms from the above list. These platforms are the best place to find any kind of gig according to your talent and Upwork and Fiverr are the top-rated among them. You can use those platforms to start your freelancing journey.

I hope the above-shared information might be useful and helpful for you. if you like this article and love reading it then please let us know your feedback by your comment and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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