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About Us


US freak is a top-class US-based financial, entrepreneurial and business educational related website to help the young generation in enhancing their financial and business literacy rate. Where you can find the best possible knowledge and information related to finance stocks, startups and business. Our pure moto throughout this website is to provide knowledge, experience and expertise, which will help you to grow in future.



On US Freak we cover plenty of interesting as well as trending topics such as the crypto currency, stock market, NFTs, investing, personal finance, banking, credit/debit card tricks, trading platform reviews, startups, business, and how to make money online.

We are very passionate about providing correct, fast, and real-time updates to our users. Furthermore, we want our users to get some sort of useful and practical knowledge from the website so, they get motivated towards investing, finances and business.


Nikhil Waghdhare
Founder of US Freak

Hi, I am Nikhil, & I am the founder and author of I started this blog to help people by sharing my 6 years of financial & investing knowledge and experience. I am a young stock market & crypto enthusiast with a passion for helping others in generating wealth.

I started my journey as a tech enthusiast and landed in to a financial sector by passion and choice and in this blog I am going to share my expertise and financial knowledge of crating wealth in long term.

So fasten your seatbelts and hold tight because in this blog you are going to see many ups and down which will make you wise.