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Top 5 Websites To Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing

Best Affiliate Marketing Websites

How much time does it take to earn $100 per day from an affiliate program? Is it possible to earn without spending too much time? What are some of the best ways to get started?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing online businesses around the globe today, earning millions of dollars daily. The concept behind affiliate marketing is simple; affiliates receive a commission every time someone buys something or completes a service through their link. This means they make money without having to spend any time selling anything.

Affiliates don’t need to devote hours in front of a computer screen to start generating income. In fact, the only thing you need to do is post relevant links on your social media profiles. All that remains is waiting for new leads to come your way.

Top 5 Websites To Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing


ClickBank is one of the oldest and best affiliate networks out there in the world. ClickBank was founded in 1998 and since then they have become a well-known leader in digital product sales and affiliate marketing. Clickbank started its operations in Europe under the name Epiloge. In 2002, it changed its company’s legal structure and renamed itself after its parent company CyberTech Marketing Systems Inc.

In 2014, ClickBank acquired eCurrency Exchange Ltd. and MeritPay Technologies Ltd. in order to strengthen their market positions in the UK and EU. As of 2016, the platform offers many popular options in different industries including gaming, fitness, retail, personal finance, recipes, and cryptocurrency payment systems.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the world’s second-best affiliate marketing website to get started with. Amazon associates (AWA) is an affiliate network that lets advertisers earn revenue by placing links to products offered on Amazon’s website in articles and blogs. It is the largest affiliate marketplace on the Internet, accounting for over 70% of affiliate income earned by advertising partners.

In 2012, AWA launched the program Associate Program where authors could promote any products sold on Amazon without paying upfront. Any commissions earned are credited to the author’s account after a 90-day waiting period.


ShareASale is another affiliate network founded in 1999. Based in Limassol, Cyprus, ShareASale provides an international marketplace to connect businesses — primarily service providers — with individuals and organizations looking to sell their goods and services.

ShareAsale specializes in business opportunities related to lifestyle, travel, small business, and online promotion. Its commission rates range between 5 percent and 12 percent according to the plan.

CJ Affiliate

Affiliate marketing has been one of the fastest growing forms of marketing on the web since its inception. The principal difference between affiliate marketing and regular advertising/marketing is that affiliates get paid per conversion. That means, if someone comes to site A and immediately buys something then he would have generated a conversion.

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that, unlike traditional methods, affiliates do not need to develop brand awareness in order to generate sales. Affiliates only need to create interest among potential buyers first before selling anything off to them.


LinkConnector is an established affiliate marketing network based in Austin, TX. Founded in 2004, LinkConnector focuses on building long-term relationships with publishers and merchants who refer traffic to us and we try to make money by capturing conversion events.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra cash while sitting at home or from any corner and anywhere in the world. In the above article, I have shown you some of the top sites where you can start earning today.

Affiliate marketing is the practice of partnering with a company (the advertiser) to promote its products or services through third-party websites known as affiliates. The affiliate receives a commission if a purchase is completed at the site they promoted.

There are two main types of affiliate programs: performance-based and pay-per-sale. Performance-based programs exist solely to provide commissions to affiliates who bring new customers to the advertiser. Pay-per-sale programs offer affiliates fixed rates for each customer generated.

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