Herschel Walker denies paying for girlfriend's abortion

Heschel Walker, a Georgia football icon and US Senate candidate, denied a Daily Beast report that his ex-girlfriend claimed he paid for her abortion more than ten years ago, contradicting his anti-abortion stance.

Immediately after reading the story, Walker denounced the claim and pledged to file a defamation suit against the Daily Beast.

In an appearance on Fox News Channel's "Hannity," Walker issued additional denials.

According to the Daily Beast, Walker's ex-girlfriend sought a medical abortion in 2009 after the couple conceived.

An abortion clinic receipt, a bank deposit receipt with a $700 check signed by Walker, and a "get well" card signed by Walker were all shared with the news outlet.

Herschel Walker described himself as having received treatment for a dissociative identity disorder years ago.

Currently, Walker is engaged in a heated and high-stakes race for Georgia's Senate seat.

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